Wednesday, 16 May 2012

ICSE - 2012

Results of the ICSE 2012 will be declared on the 19th of May at 3.00 pm. Best of luck to all those waiting for their results.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Dear Students of Class X

My dear students of Class X A and X B,

You've just finished your first prelims and have started getting your answer scripts. Some of you have done well and some are yet to step up your performance. It is understandable that you are going through a wide gamut of feelings. It is just a matter of a few weeks and you would have finished your board exams and would be free. It is during these few weeks that you may have to pay a little more attention to what you are learning, how you are learning and how well you are able to answer your papers.

You must decide to spend enough time with your portion, make a time-table and follow it diligently. You must revise your portion regularly before you go on to the next lessons. Try and limit yourself to not more than two subjects per day. Try to have one place and time for study. The best time is the morning hours. The environment is silent and it helps you to concentrate. Apply this acronym to your routine in the study holidays - SMART i.e. specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound.

The teachers will give you whatever assistance you require, now and also during the exams. Please feel free to utilize this resource pool effectively. Come to school with a definite schedule and do not waste your time. At other times study at home. Eat well and eat right and also put in at least eight hours of sleep. Do not overwork yourselves and decide when to stop. Go out for walks or jogs when you feel like taking a break. Preferably stay away from the television, the computer and the i-pad the next eight weeks. Substitute any temptation with an outdoor activity to refresh your mind.

We at school are always available to sort out your difficulties and support you in giving the board exams your best shot. You have no competition but your own selves. Go ahead and better your previous performances and surprise yourself,

Best of luck to all.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Walking down memory lane...

I had this young visitor in school this afternoon, an articulate, well-mannered lad. He introduced himself as an ex-student of school. I recalled his name and that of his sister, but it isn't any surprise that I did not recognize him. Obviously 6 years is a long time, and this is what he had to say after his visit around the school later in the day.

Ajinkya Khairnar